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Modern Combat in SL: The Congo Regions

Backstory (from The Congo notecard):

It is the Dawn of the Second Cold War

The year is 2021 and resources such as oil, rare metals, diamonds, and other industrial materials are depleted in many areas. Global warming is moving at a faster pace than anyone expected, covering coastal lands and cites. The Arctic Ocean has opened completely from its ancient ice tomb. Combat has broken out several times in the Arctic Ocean over territorial boundaries once covered by the ocean.
China and Russia have moved quickly to established their position in the new areas. A new pact is signed, to aid each other in combating  Western forces and protect their interests. Its an uneasy dance with the devil.

China has become a super-power in many areas of economics - banking, goods production, and with a military to match the West. Russia is still a military powerhouse but with the fall of oil prices in 2015, it is struggling to hang on and keep pace. Russian leaders hope the new resources will fuel its wealth once again.

NATO has formed a tight military and economic base after years of bickering between countries almost broke the European Union and NATO apart.

Both Pacts (Sino-Russian and NATO) have a very strong military and industrial presence in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The showdown begins...

Below are a few photographs of our tour of this 3 Region role-play area known as The Congo.


Below, a few pics of the base for our new adversary group known as Zaslon.

I know what you're thinking... "what's a Zaslon?"

Zaslon (‘Screen’), a very shadowy unit established, by what accounts we have, in 1998 as a special forces unit for the SVR (Foreign Intelligence Service). Trained to operate abroad, in everything from hostage-rescue to assassination missions, it continues to shun publicity.


SLurl for the Opposition Force

The following are region rules written by Sarah Galloway...

Congo Jungle, Congo Slums and South Sudan Sim - Rules 020515

by Sarah Galloway

Hello Everyone, After playing VICE combat for the last two years I started thinking about what I really wanted in combat sim, the type of play, strategies, and missions. I don't want all the techie stuff that lets everyone know where you are on the sim. I wanted to take full advantage of the awesome layout here in the Congo, Congo Slums and South Sudan Sims.

So i want to change things up and invite the VICE Combat community to raise our combat standards. These rules apply to those on the ground. In helicopters and planes things are a bit different because of guided missiles but the same rules can apply. We all have enough experience under our belt that we will know who is not playing fair by the rules. But, enough of that talk. Fighting blind opens up so much. Snipers can be snipers because no one can see them until they fire. And posting a lookout,,, and covering your buddy takes on a whole new meaning when you don't know who is watching.

 The purpose of this combat sim is to have fun! All these rules are based on honesty, your honesty. These are the combat rules:


A. No spawn killing: when a combatant is killed, the killed must immediately teleport to any of the rez zones determined by the location selected for your CTF Hud. If the combatant immediately shoots and kills the same combatant after the combatant has just rezzed, that is considered spawn killing. After killing a combatant, no standing over or running them over.

 B. No tracking huds, radars, flip the alphas off in your viewer, use the advance tracking of enemies in Firestone Viewer, look-at mood, name tags are to be turned off, no saying "i didn't know that was a bad thing", NO EXCUSES. We play this by the spirit of fair play. so if it seems fishy and not in the rules because i forgot to put it in. It is fishy! There is probably a million others ways to cheat or use the system to your advantage but, i promise quality play is so much more fun than playing arcade style.

C. No teleporting to a location on the sim. Start at the safe areas provided on the Congo Jungle and Congo Slums. For now the South Sudan does not have a safe zone to teleport into. Helicopter, boat, vehicle or hiking are the only way in to this region.

 D. No combat AOs. Because certain one's can greatly enhanced jumping, walking, and running abilities, Such AOs are to be removed during game play. AO's that are built into your gun, on the approved list, are fine. NO unnecessary jumping to avoid being shot. we all make the mistake of hitting the jump key but, if you look like a bouncing ball you will be ejected.

E. Parity of Weapons: All combatants must use the same (or very, very similar) weaponry. Some weapons have faster cyclic rates and heavier caliber, which allows a combatant to kill their opponents faster (though in an unfair way). Therefore, all weapons must be selected ahead of time and must be similar weapons for everyone. The Admin of the combat will have final say on the weapons. For the moment we all use very comparable weapons. Please note no automatic grenade guns that spam a soldier.


The weapons of the following creators are allowed in sim:

1. D1 - MTG

2. SAC (the XM109 has a variety of bullets only TR and Metal can be used on ground troops. He and HEAB can be used on aircraft and armor)

3. BW, (BW VU weapons are banned)



6. shiva engineering  (what I'll be using here)

7. Ferry Mint

8. (A-T)

9. [MM] ( by Sera Otoro ) 


 F. Please be sure to select "no teams" when playing independent. The reason being that if you forget to select "no team," any member of that team will not be injured by your bullets. Conversely when you ARE playing teams. 

 G. No Spawn Killing, NO snaking like a reptile and absolutely no removing weapons mid combat or disabling VICE during combat. you must go back to a base to do so. 

H. Armor . Not every sim is suited to armor but that is your call to make. Some Anti-Air will be allowed by the Admin when it is required for fair combat. Nothing that is not modern can be used. Only equipment used by militaries between 1990 and 2015 and WW2 era in special cases will be allowed. No spaceships, ray guns and steam punk things, etc. 

 I. All helicopters and planes are to be rezzed at the NAB Airport or at heliports at the two bases . A teleporter will be provided on the docks. Helicopters and aircraft WILL NOT ENGAGE ground troops with un-guided or guided rockets unless shot first by ground forces. 

 J. No shooting at descending parachutes and no shooting at ground troops from your parachute. 

 K. You must wear the CTF Respawn Hud before entering the combat area. Instructions are included. Anyone not wearing will be asked to put it on. If they do not comply they will be ejected from the Sim. 

L. MCE combat system is allowed but, the priority system is VICE. MCE weapons will not engage with VICE weapons. If the MCE equipment is in the way of VICE combat an Admin can ask the MCE soldiers to remove the MCE weapons.

 I am sure there are many other things we could list but we do not want to set here and write rules all day. We want to get out and have fun. So lets play it fair and smart. 

- Sarah (sarah94578)

For the combat fashionista...

What to wear, what to wear?

I'll have a post about what to wear as a Zaslon Oppostion Force member soon.
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