Sunday, February 1, 2015

New SL Airport: Frank "Jack" Fletcher Field

I discovered a new airport quite by accident while I was looking for land to buy. My friend Cornelius Fanshaw directed me to a parcel up for sale, and when I scouted around to see what would be near me.... boom there it was... an airport! 

I saw the name Frank "Jack" Fletcher Field on one of the main hangars. I had no idea who this was, so of course - I had to Google the guy.

RADM Frank "Jack" Fletcher Field (SLFF) is located at Hyojong, in Jeogeot. The airport is a General Aviation/Regional passenger facility at the south end of Jeogeot Gulf. Jeogeot Gulf is a large rez enabled combat area specifically for WW2 and modern naval and aviation battles.

I ran into many old friends from the old Aeronautic sims.

Old friend Karl Reisman is one of the airport managers.

I spotted a problem with the airport -- No Starbucks!

Jeogeot Gulf in the Jeogeot continent is a mostly rez enabled set of Linden water sims set up for naval combat. I'm sure most of the WW2 and modern groups are using VICE, but there's no official combat system - pirates and sailing ships are welcome.

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