Thursday, February 26, 2015

Throwback Thursday # 6, the Science Fiction edition

In honor of the current Sci-FI Convention in SL, here are a few snapshots from past Sci-Fi scenes in SL...

(Star Trek RP photographs from July 2010)


(TimeForce 10 RP photographs from August through September 2010. 
The TF10 adversarial group TimeRaiders meddle with WW2 History)

 The TimeRaiders steal an atomic bomb and place it in the old TF 10 Time Tunnel
 The Ultimate Secret Weapon. A Nazi Time Machine.
 Zabrina supervises the delivery.
  OSS Major (and TF10 operative) KC Kenaan discovers the location
 of Dr Dreamscape's gift to the Nazis.
 KC needs all hands on deck for this one.
 TimeForce 10 HQ
 Dr Dreamscape inspects her gift to the Germans
 The Germans guard their new super weapon.


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