Wednesday, February 4, 2015

SL Regions: Nazi Occupied France (part 3)

These snapshots were taken in a group of regions (sims) for WW2 Combat roleplay where participants use the VICE combat system. You can play Axis, Allies, or even French citizens (as either collaborators or part of the Resistance).

Below, more photographs of New Bastogne.

The flash of a German gun as it fires on an Allied Tank.

The main region is called New Bastogne which serves as 1944 Caen, France

If you'd like to learn more and start playing, everything you'll need is located at the SLurl:

In SL Group News related to this region, RCAF has two groups now, RCAF - Royal Caledon Air Force (Steampunk Military RP), and 401 Squadron RCAF (Royal Canadian Air Force, WW2 Military RP).

This is one of the places RCAF's new WW2 Group, 401 Squadron RCAF, chose for combat roleplay. We'll be there fighting with the Allies on land and in the air as Canadians.
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