Saturday, February 7, 2015

SL Groups: RCAF Steampunk and RCAF WW2

The Royal Caledon Air Force is now officially split into two distinct groups.

RCAF - Royal Caledon Air Force is our Steampunk Military RP group and sometimes dabbles in WW1 era dogfights. This is the one I started in Caledon back in 2007. Our original motto was "Altitude with Attitude" and we're going back to that adventurous fun. Eventually, it grew beyond Caledon to protect the larger Steampunk Community.

Times Changed - Following a series of budget cuts and the loss of its headquarters, RCAF "went rogue" - concerned with its own interests first, the interests of Steamland governments a secondary concern. The rebooted and re-imagined RCAF is Caledon in name only, a mere hat tip to its origins.

Part heroic, part anti-heroic, the rebooted RCAF is steampunk swagger on land, sea, and of course - in the air. We are an independent force, without ties to Caledon or any Nation. In public Steamland leaders curse us, while in private offices, we're praised - often called upon by governments to do their dirty work - It's all very hush hush, you know.

A display of pre-WW1 airplanes. 
The style we often use in the steampunk version of RCAF

Meanwhile, 401 Squadron RCAF is our WW2 Military RP group. We changed the word Caledon to Canadian in THIS version of RCAF. Our mission: Destroy the Nazi War Machine.

In 401 Sqdrn RCAF, we'll stage or participate in dogfights and other battles within the Dogs On The Run and New Bastogne Occupied France regions. We will fight with the Allies on land and in the air. We'll also have a military presence in Jeogeot Gulf and do non-combat flyovers across Blake Sea.

Come join us in one or both groups and fly for fun and adventure!

 RAF Rundlelawn, RCAF in Jeogeot Gulf

Cornelius and I stand near the Squadron sign.

SLurl to RAF/RCAF Rundlelawn
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