Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Trials and Tribulations of an SL Event Planner

A Combat Event Planners work is never done...

Planning with Cornelius Fanshaw and Vickster Kuhn  

We were soon joined by DA "Don" Admiral

A combat event planner (like any event planner) takes great care and thought  into the process and procedures of even the fun events like our recent steampunk balloon dogfights. At times we make financial contributions in efforts to ensure success.

For people like Cornelius and me, it could be time and energy, with small investments of money for items like rezzable planes or battle balloons. For people like Don and Vicks it could mean even more time, effort, and greater financial commitments as region owners. We hope and pray that participants like you will show up, enjoy yourselves, and want more fun and excitement from us.

And yes - we take great pride when things go well.

But we also have our share of disappointments. It's been noticed that although the steampunk battle balloon event was a big hit with all who showed up, only the usual suspects from the old steampunk Royal Caledon Air Force showed. The people who protested the loudest back in early January - that I save RCAF from my proposed shutdown / deletion date, never came - to either event. Just as I thought would happen.

So... RCAF will continue to exist as a closed, inactive group as part of Caledon, Steamland, and SL Aviation history. Everyone will have the roletag of "RoyalCaledonAirForce" while group owners will have the tag "RCAF Curator."

The new RCAF group description:

Altitude with Attitude! - This is the historic Royal Caledon Air Force. Closed, inactive, but not forgotten. To all the Connolly's Crazies out there, it was great fun! Blue Skies, everyone!

-- Zoe Connolly
Group Owner, former Air Marshal, and present RCAF Curator.

We're reacting to consumer demand and will continue planning for our World War 2 and Modern Combat Groups.

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