Sunday, June 17, 2007

Second Life Bloggers Group and Web Changes

I'll be taking interviews from any SL Bloggers group members who would be interested in becoming officers in the group. As we expand, we'll need more people who can assist me in recruiting, logistics, events, etc....

In our effort to streamline and communicate more efficiently and effectively SL Bloggers Wiki now replaces my old Second Life Blogosphere blog. Please update your web links, the old URL no longer exists. The Wiki site will now be our clearing house. A central place where we can all go for information about our meetups, miscellaneous events, and favorite blog tools.

This blog will continue to be my personal space, plus I'll feature posts from other SL Bloggers that catch my attention. Of course I'll continue to keep The Worlds Largest Blogroll of Second Life Links right here on this blog.

Due to RL commitments and obligations, I cannot continue my "disappearance of Zoe Connolly" storyline. Suffice to say I escaped yadda yadda and now I'm safe at home.

The good news: I was promoted at my RL job (more responsibilities, but more money - woot!), so I'll join those who are *not* using their degrees in their careers.
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