Monday, June 4, 2007

My first meeting

On Friday June 1st I attended my first meeting organized by 57 Miles.

I arrived fashionably late and politely sat and listened while I got up to speed on the current conversation.

We discussed the topic of corporate presence inworld and how some businesses had given up and some were still making a go of it.

Here's what I injected in the conversation:

I brought up the subject of griefing as well as this one - What are corporate reactions to Gorean slave girls wandering around their sims? I see growth in security job opportunites.

What about political campaigns dealing with eccentric avatar supporters and the potential media coverage. You think ageplay is controversial? Wait until the opposing campaign gets hold of the strange avatar pics and profiles of your own supporters. And what if your competition purposely creates an offensive avatar in order to drum up adverse reaction to your own candidate.

It's sure to be a wild 2008 campaign season inworld and offgrid.
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