Tuesday, June 5, 2007

News about my Blog-SLurl-Capture-HUD idea

Daltonic Gin: Bit more coding...

Yay! Dalien is working on my
Blog-SLurl-Capture-HUD idea. I've been testing the prototype that works with Del.icio.us. The theory behind this is to post your findings into your account page, then later while inworld you "wear" your HUD and select from your tagged SLurls.

Daltonic Gin: Bit more coding...

More scripting challenges: I think it would be useful to develop several HUDs for different online RSS sites like digg and others. Since many of us have more than one account with various sites, perhaps even a HUD that unites several feeds into one receiving unit.

I have another idea for a modified shielding system but I do *not* want to post it here. If anyone wants to hear of my new challenge please send me an IM.
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