Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My opinions and building projects: island vs land

My opinions and building projects: island vs land:

"Yesterday I posted a notice in the blogger group just to give an update on the situation. (YAY for transparacy! hehe) and i got a few IM about people interested. one of those people was Dalien, as we talked he suggested that if we don't have enough people we could buy half a normal sim. this thought has been running thru my head all night (thank you for keeping me awake all night dalien! ggrrrr! j/k ^^)

but as i think about it, i think buying land has it advantages also. first of all its cheaper. a 65 536 square/meter region is 195$US a month (295$US for an island) and i'm pretty sure we can find a region that the land isn't sold so high as 1 675$US as initial payment.

also the very big advantage i am seeing is with the payment. with an island we'll need to find an organised way for paying the island and to seperate the island equally between paying members (depending on how much they pay for) but with just a normal land each person could buy the piece of land they can afford. so if someone wants 1024 squr meter they can get that and if someone wants half the sim they can get that too. this is an advantage because let's say someone has things happen irl and suddenly has to drop their payment of second life we don't end up with one person short to pay for the island. basically i think..."

My opinions and building projects: island vs land

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