Monday, June 4, 2007

SLRFL Dating Game Charity Event

I attended the Second Life Relay For Life event on Sunday June 3rd, saw this Dating Game Charity, and decided to stay a while. Here's some selected chat with names changed to initials...

AS: Please allow me to introduce our bachelor, BMM. This well-known, intergalactic space villain has led numerous planetary assaults, single handedly enslaving at least four known civilizations. His novel, "Ruling with a Sticky Green Grip", is often lauded as a brilliant handbook that should be kept on the nightstand of any aspiring conquerer.

BMM: As you all know, hundreds of people die each year due to warp drive core instabilities and fluxes in quasi-space when operating warp drive engines under the influence of caffiene.
BMM: What do you think is the best way to warn people about the dangers of interdimensional travel and coffee?
SS: I think the best way to warn people about the danger of interdimensional travel and coffee is to show clever, but crudely drawn cartoon commercials on MTV and during Heroes

BMM: Yesterday, I caught my pet human and test subject trying to gnaw off his own hand to escape his shackles and possibly end his cruel, tormented existence. If you were my pet human, how would you escape my laboratory?
I4M: lol get you drunk instead of me use my invissability cloak and disappear
BMM: Okay, #3 thinks she can beat me by hitting me over the head with poor spelling.
BMM: How about you, #1?
SS: I'm not so sure that I'd want to escape, can you tell me more about how you would torment me?
BMM: Most of it would involve the classic anal probe technique, known and loved by humans of all generations.

LVH: Master bumbles, clearly the answer is to choose all three, we can harvest those who do not meet your standards.

AS: BMM so are you ready to make your choice?
BMM: Oh, is picking all three against the rules?
BMM: Because if it is, I might just vaporize you and all who oppose me.
AS: yes, I'm sorry'll have to choose one
LVH: aliens do not follow earth rules, sir!
BMM: Very well, human, I'll play along with your sordid little games.
BMM: For now...
BMM: My choice is #1!

Distracted by his choice of the witty Bachelorette # 1 the rest of us were able to manage our quick exits. Luckily my escape pod was nearby.
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